Clean and Crisp, Striped and Hyped

Clean cut with a peek-a-boo of delicate lace. I spiced up business casual, by adding a preview of spring. Perfect for a date night outfit-classy, yet flirtatious.Spring is just around the corner and the trend of delicate lace is the perfect touch on spring’s exposé on femininity. I have been  lately hyped with this black lace bralette I received last month, and have been styling it non-stop. Delicate lace is huge and they are blooming in stores for this coming season. I have been seeing these bralettes everywhere, from Victoria Secret, Urban Outfitter, and Asos; I am dying to invest in more! It's one of my on of my month favorite fashion items this month, and there is more of it to come. Pairing my month favorites is coming soon, so be on the look out ;)

Striped Button-down - Target
Lace Bralette - Victoria Secret
Clutch - gift
Pencil Skirt - H&M
Bracelets- H&M
Turquoise Ring- Old Navy
Other Stacked/mixed Rings-H&M

PC: David Tran

My bb  working spring's ethnic prints. And as always- pocket carrying his Kent 12T Comb and vape.

Tribal Print Button-down -  Tilly's
Jeans - Forever 21
Watch - G-Shock DW-6900MS

LA Bound-We "go together like Peas&Carrots"

Blackened Chicken, Shrimp and Andouille Sausage, sautéed with Bell Pepper, Onions, and Rice in Bubba’s own Spicy Sauce. Topped with tomatoes and Green Onions. (17.69)
    • When it first came out- oh my gawd- the aroma of mix of spices was alluring. Pretty well seasoned, with a small kick of heat. Too me it could have been spicier, but that's when Bubba Gumps famous spicy sauce comes in handy. The rice was a great texture, almost like a risotto. The chicken had a nice grilled smokey flavor and the Andouille Sausage balanced meats out with its succulent flavors. 

    "I'm stuffed!" Shrimp- *My Recommendation*
    Large Shrimp with Crab Stuffing, baked in Garlic Butter, and topped with Monterey Jack Cheese. Served with Jasmine Rice. (18.39)
    • But this was my favorite out of the two The portion seemed smaller than the jambalaya, but dang was it filling. It is a dish more on the rich side, so if you love cheese and creamy sauces-this is the dish for you. Each bite of stuffed shrimp was a mouthful of delight. The Jasmine Rice complimented the heaviness of the dish-and you can taste that hint of jasmine. And to top it off, the bread was not only a lovely garnish to the plating, tasty on its own, but also a great way to scoop off the delectable creamy butter sauce. You know when something is so good you want to lick the plate after, but can't because you are in public...well the bread swooped in and scraped the delicious sauce-saving you from what would be against social etiquette.

    Finally checked off our Food Bucket List
    ☑ Bubba Gumps
    After shopping at the fashion district and at Santee Alley (If you haven't been there, and are a sucker for great deals and great at bargaining-you will die) we headed down to Santa Monica Pier for dinner. Bubba Gumps was a 3 hour wait...and finding parking was a nightmare...but it was worth the wait. The location was awesome

    { Side story: I WON A DESPICABLE ME UNICORN when we were killing time at the pier's game booths!!! -who is peaking out on the left of the photo above. (Shhhh...we spent $20 just to win the the game...haha-but ayye it was worth the experience) We named him Dave. And for the record he is sadly not fluffy, but his cute vacant expression is priceless },

     so waiting went by pretty quickly. The restaurant also has a cute gift shop, and I got 3 adorable post cards for my collection that say cute quotes from Forest Gump! The service was great, the food was amazing, and the Forest Gump concept throughout the restaurant and menu was entertaining. David and I shared the Jambalaya and the "I'm Stuffed!" Shrimp. They were mouth watering....maybe it was because we were starving, but I would definitely go back and wait another 3 hours.

    • I also recommend the Run Forest Run smoothie- fresh oranges, strawberries, bananas, and raspberry ice cream-sadly I don't have a pic, but it was so good! I am in love with and very picky with smoothies, and this one was amazing. It wasn't too sweet, didn't taste artificial, and I loved the fact they blended it to a smooth consistency but there were still chunks of strawberries for added texture.

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