My name is Victoria Lo and I 17 years old. I am aspiring to make it in the fashion industry. I am currently a student attending San Francisco State University strengthening by experience and building up my portfolio. I freelance in styling, beauty, and photography. My previous work included in a organization I founded called ET Couture (ETC); connecting and featuring students as a team to help develop and explore their skills in the arts. I gained the knowledge in management, public relations, and partnership.

Vlocity is my fashion blog where I can express my personal style,share/document some of my loves in life. With that in mind, besides my love for fashion-I am a huge enthusiast for food and art. If I could spend my life traveling around the world trying new restaurants and visiting art museums I would.


Well like many bloggers, finding the "perfect" name for your blog is a time consuming and ponderous process. But after days of thinking, I thought of using a blog title that would be personal- and what better to use my own name. "V" "Lo", my first initial and last name while incorporating my love for the city. 
So VLOCITY can be interpreted in two ways;


/v.lo.city/ (pronunciation)

An escape//city that I personally can say it's mine.

This title is personal towards me, is that I wish to encompass my loves and passions for myself as well as to those around. Come with me to explore and conquer the styles, cultures, and foods of the world city by city.

/velocity/ (pronunciation)
Google's definition: The speed of something in a given direction.
Physics' definition: v = d/t

I hope over time throughout my journey in life and blogging experience I will gain and grow with direction with a satisfied displacement in life. In the end, I hope to create my own velocity of fulfillment-finding and growing with in my own self.

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