OOTD x Korean BBQ

OOTD//OOTN: Rolling off of no Zs with Spikes and a V 


Spike Necklace- Gift
V Cut Top- H&M (SF find)
Duffle- Forever 21 (Gift)
Highwaists- Goodwill Thrifted x DIY (SF find)
Photo Cred- David Tran

I was trying not to show I pulled an all-nighter..., can you tell? The perfectionist inside of me was trying to get the XML formatting perfect for my online portfolio (coming soon!). Still trying to organize how I want everything, but it should be done before I leave for college. Other than getting no sleep, it was a pretty typical Sunday with the bae paired with a simple everyday wear type of outfit.

Snapchat coming back from church

Me being a dork and loopy from tiredness.

KBBQ: Cham Sut Gol

Snapchat: David Tran// thisisdtran
Victoria Lo// veelooo
After church and a long nap, Papa Tran (David's dad) took us out to an all you can eat Korean BBQ joint called Cham Sut Gol in Buena Park. OH MAH GAWD. It was so good-every meat/marinade was on point, but let's just say I think I will be full for the next couple days.

The price is pretty good for all you can eat KBBQ- $18.49 per person, which comes with your choice of a personal side (tofu soup, egg pot, or bean paste soup) and a cone of Thrifty Ice Cream for dessert.

We all ordered the Bulgogi, Brisket and Pork Belly along with their yummy spicy tofu soup on the side. And for dessert...basically eating what we could before we would all roll out of there - seriously, my poor high waists were taking their limit-but Thrifty's was worth it. The Tran men got green tea (nice//smooth flavor), and I ordered their sherbet (nostalgia on a cone-flavor reminded me of the Push Up ice cream I used to get after dance class when I was five) . 
Sadly and surprisingly I didn't take any
food pics other than on snapchat.

Meat: Tender, succulent, and full of flavor. (favorite had to be Bulgogi-but the Brisket took me by surprise! Usually I find brisket dry and bland, but theirs was the exact opposite. You could eat it without the given dipping sauces and it would still be amazing.)

(David don't kill me) Hehe Trifty aftermath. 

I haven't posted in awhile, but that is going to change.

So summer is almost come to an end and I am moving up to San Francisco State University for college on the 20th (super excited), so I am trying to get back into blogging again to document my adventures of post-highschool, the expansion of cultural intellect I will experience out of the OC bubble, as well as continue something that I love to do.  

Tomorrow I am going thrifting in Fullerton, so maybe I'll share it with you guys?...

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