Fashion Week Blogger Meet & More | September 25

September 25- SFFW Blogger Meet


I have to admit, I usually would wear skirts or dresses to these types of events, but this time I wanted something different, subtly bold, and that embraced my style. 

 Boat Hat- Forever 21
If you ask anyone (even my college professors), I am now known for my boat hat on campus. Guilty as charged, I have to confess I wear it around 3/7 days of the weeks...oops. But I am obsessed! It's definitely been my favorite accessory of the year. What better way to capture my style with my favorite fixation/signature piece.

3-D Floral Sweater- Thrifted (ModTex)

This floral sweater embraces my feminine side of fashion and is one of the most unique items in my wardrobe. It keeps me warm from the San Francisco cold and the fall breeze with a sense of high fashion. I was lucky to find this in one of my favorite thrift shops in Downtown Fullerton, Ca- but unfortunately I cannot tell you guys the brand because their was no tag, However, I remember American Apparel had a similar item- 3-D Floral Mesh Jumper. They are not in stock anymore but I took the liberty to find where you can still purchase them for an amazing price on Poshmark

Black High Waists- (Easy Jeans) American Apparel

To balance the sweater's silhouette, I paired it with my American Apparel Easy Jeans. 
I know, I know- for you bargain shoppers I feel ya...Easy Jeans are in that expensive price range. I never thought I would make this purchase, but trust me they are so worth it. I am the type that would buy my high waists from thrift shops or at the most drop $20 on a pair of jeans, but I can style these with almost anything. I have no regrets, and already got my moneys worth.
They are so comfy, classic, and slimming. 
My greatest investment piece so far.
Envelope Clutch- H&M

For those that have seen my CLEAN AND CRISP, STRIPED AND HYPED post, you have seen this baby already. 
At the blogger meet ups, you will meet all sorts of companies, designers, professionals in the fashion industry, and of course other bloggers. It is a great place to network yourself or even see what are the next incoming fashion innovations ( I really recommend going!). With this in mind, I wanted to give a splash of business casual. Embodying my professionalism, I carried my spacious symbolic accessory.

Shoes- Kohl's

To dress up this outfit and show some skin, I paired my lace-up, cut out heels. I remember heels like these from Zara, Jeffrey Campbell, Sam Edelman, or Guiseppe Zanotti-but I couldn't get myself to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes (especially with my college budget). So when I saw these at Kohl's I died, and knew I had to have them. 

Photo Creds: Fashion Blogger and lovely friend- Cassandra Moua

OOTN// "Extra! Extra! Read All About it"

Hardcore Instagramer/Future Blogger- Leonora Grace (a.k.a Lynn)

"Extra! Extra! Read All About it!" Lynn's up-cycled clutch was my personal highlight of her night ensemble. This girl is known for her bargain shopping and only got her clutch for $20 at a boutique in LA. 
We twinned the night with out black boat hats with our own person style. 
Her outfit top to bottom was a visualization in itself. Your eye naturally flowed from her cute hat all the way to her to-die-for metallic Sam Edelman oxfords. 

OOTN// Transparent Embroideries 

Future Interior Designer- Bianca Guzman (a.k.a Biancé)

Bianca's personal style is bohemian meets indie chic. You would find this girl immersed in Urban Outfitter's sale section with the cutest finds with amazing deals. Her outfit was inspired by Free People's Fall Intimate Ebook x  Fall Trend Report. Sadly I didn't get a pic with her great rusty-orange, chunk cardigan layered on top ( you can kind of see in in the instagram pic below) -but she still looked cute! 
Her attire consisted of fall's neutrals and gold warm tones-complimenting her ombréd hair. 
My favorite part of her OOTN was her layered lavender thigh-highs shimmied down into ankle socks (UO-they were only $5!).

Fashion Blogger Panel
Thank you guys so much for your time and advice!

After-math at SFSU's Bricks

On the bottom pic on the left: All the business cards, samples, and goodies from the meet!
(YAASSS! They had huge trays of macrons ❤ 

Featured on SF Fashion Week's Instagram with Tracy Li- CEO of a new and incoming app called Earmarc! (Ever need fashion/styling advice? Or a second opinion on if you should buy/wear a certain outfit? Earmarc is a fashion photo-sharing app coming soon!)

More Previews of the New, Big, and Incoming Innovators

Designers x Apps

"Fashion through a new set of eyes."
Check out Fashion Discover Labs- another fashion app coming soon! Utilizing the technology generation of smart-tech, clothing recognition, fashion search engine, and shopping all into one innovative app. It's every fashionista's must have.

Famous Style Blogger- Amy Roiland, also known as A Fashion Nerd, created this awesome social networking app that connects you with stores, brands, and other fashion enthusiasts. It reminds me of super app of and Instagram combined! Sign up and check it out-it's a great way to network yourself with other bloggers, stylists, photographers, designers, brands, and more.

"We are all about positivity, personal development and helping you to achieve your goals."  
Simplicity and bold graphics. Check out designs- a new, starting, and growing brand.They have two product lines: Impressive and HSTLN that are based on inspirational and motivational messages.

"Heavy is the head that bears the crown."
//California Crown Clothing//
If you love street wear and B&W-dang these designs are amazing. Designer Jay Perlman has his own men's, and now beginning women's wear collection of snap backs, hoodies, crews, Ts, and tanks and reasonable prices for high-quality authentic fabrics. I am obsessed.

"Avant Garde fashion and costuming"
This is up-cycling design on a whole new level. Her designs wear featured in San Francisco's fashion week, and her collection stood out. At the meet I saw and felt the collection in person-and Brigid brought the word "texture" to a whole new level. She uses inter-tubing of cars and bikes, recycles objects that you think are just rusty and dirty into breathtaking works of art. They are very edgy and hard core- something I rarely have seen in up-cycling designs.


The college life in SF has been amazing so far. I was so excited to hear about SF's Fashion Week events! I am so grateful for all the opportunities, connections, friends, and memories already made in less than 2 months. Thank you guys so much!

More posts on my SF adventure and my life at SFSU to come! 

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