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Hi beautiful friends,

I hope all of you guys are doing well this week- you are all in for Vlocity's weekly caffeine treat.  So this week's chosen coffee joint was... (drum roll please)....AndyTown!! Thank you Chris Kernaghan and Sam Silversti for the recommendation! I always love our weekly coffee adventures because they are a nice time to take a breather/prep myself for the busy, busy day to come.

 Come along with Daniel, Bradley, and I and revisit our trip to Andytown-

According to Daniel, it was "perfect weather to run naked in."
 I thought this quote enveloped the setting quite nicely; however 
Daniel I am glad you wore your close on that day. But please sir, 
let your spirit run free. The day was filled with sunny skies and a cool breeze 
as we got our coffee at Andytown next 
to the coast.

As we walked in- the cute, small coffee shop was filled with a diverse
 amount of  people from daily regulars, first time goers, families, and old
 and young individuals quietly having noon coffee/tea; some even getting some work
 done. Did I mention the store is dog friendly?! They have an adorable tin
 bucket of complimentary dog treats for you all you dog owners out there. So if you are 
walking your dog in Outer Sunset, possibly down to the beach...both you and
 your dog can treat yourself out at Andytown.

The vibe was very welcoming and decor was filled with rustic pieces of
 wood and hanging light fixtures with modern white cubicle shelving
 displaying all their coffee beans and merchandise. I loved the natural
 lighting from the two big glass windows overlooking Lawton and 43rd. 
In all, the ambiance was very laid-back and friendly.

The menu had a simple, yet sorted amount of items for both coffee 
and tea lovers. As for their daily hand-baked goods, they have fresh scones,
 soda bread, and much more. Their goods are so popular, certain items get
 bought out throughout the day. Definitely try to get there early before they run out!  

Sam informed us they are known for their iced coffee and sparkling water 
concoction called the Snow Plover. This unique drink was definitely put
 on our check list.

My thoughts- Latte/Soda Scone

PC: Daniel Paddock

ADDRESS: 3655 Lawton St. San Francisco, CA 94122

LATTE: 6.5/10

PRICE: Affordable

the employees are very friendly

ENVIRONMENT: Rustic and welcoming



 Personally I was yet again indecisive in what to order,so I went for a nice pretty cup of latte. The
drink was served in a stone-ware ceramic mug on a small wooden chopping bloc. Whenever I go to a restaurant and/or try new foods I always look at presentation. Personally, for me, (maybe others of you will agree) when my mom cooked she always made it into a work of art. With this in mind, I've been conditioned with the idea "when it looks good- it tastes even better!" I have to say their presentation was so adorable and on point; probably the best arrangement I've seen so far in my coffee shop/cafe experiences.
The size was bigger than I expected, so for the price of   3.75, I thought it was a very affordable deal.
The latte itself, I would say is your pretty typical latte. It was not too sweet, but I do believe it could have used a little more foam and half a pump less of milk.

Rated: 6.5/10

Soda Scone

I thought the scone was delicious. I am not a huge fan of really sweet items, so I thought it was the perfect amount of sweet and savory. My favorite part of the scone was the outer toasted crust. I personally thought the scone had a good consistency that complimented a cup of coffee. 

Rated: 9/10

Bradley's Thoughts

Order: Macchiato -served with a complimentary class of S. Pellegrino
PC: Bradley Haga's Instagram Post
"Pinkies up"
PC: Daniel Paddock
Me: What did you order?

Bradley: "I had a macchiato. It was lovely." 

Me: Thoughts on coffee/shop?

Bradley: "I loved the vibe of the place. It was mostly white and had nice outdoor seating. It was a sunny day so the whole experience was a happy, friendly one. The people working there were also pretty nice."

//Overall Rated: 8.5/10//

Daniel's Thoughts- Snow Plover


Me: What did you order?

Daniel: "I ordered house the Snow Plover and soda scone with a side of jam."

Me: Thoughts on coffee/shop?

Daniel: "It (Snow Plover) was really good. It tasted like unsweetend ice coffee. The scone was a little dry,
 but had a very balanced sweetness. The jam was 

//Overall Rated: 8/10//

Until Next time...#thevlocitywca

Anyone craving coffee right now?....I am, and it's 12 am at the moment. I think I'll brew something up to end the night and continue watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. (any HIMYM fans out there?! Even though many of my friends spoiled the last season, I'm still going strong.)
If any of the items above sound interesting, you should definitely stop by yourself and check out Andytown! I'll be back for their drip coffee! 

Thank you Andytown for the delightful time, I look forward in seeing you again!

Feel free to comment and share what's your favorite coffee shop in SF, or even anywhere around the world? And/or tell everyone your favorite coffee/tea below.

If you know any good coffee shops that you want us to review, or we should go try: comment, email, FB, Instagram, or Tweet me with the #thevlocitywca

"Coffee is a language in itself" -Jackie Chan

You couldn't have said it better Jackie- I'm sure you always need a pick up during Rush Hour. ;)  Eh Eh? Yeah anyone? Haha okay it's getting late, I need that coffee.

Goodnight my caffeinated readers and fashion lovers,
Victoria Lo

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