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New Segment on my SF adventures. When you think of San Francisco, what do you think of?

I was talking to my friends about this question and we came up with the answers- Going to concerts and art museums, tasting all the diverse foods, and FINDING THE BEST COFFEE SHOPS.

 My friends Bradley Haga, Daniel Poddock and I are advocate lovers of coffee, so we decided to go EVER WEEK to review and visit coffee shops all around San Francisco (possible even make videos...? :o )! Join along our quest and figure out which are the best coffee places for you. 

By the time you know it-we will all be SF coffee experts.

Getting into TROUBLE| October 6th, 2014

ADDRESS: 4033 Judah St. SF, CA 94122
PRICE: Affortable
SERVICE: 7/10- Short order waiting period;
the employees are nice- however, some-
what pretentious.
STAR ITEM: Cinnamon Toast
ENVIRONMENT: Rustic Decor//Quiet &
Good place to read a good book,
Has a cool and unique exterior parklet of
a twisting log for customers to hang out.
Another awesome plus is an adorable
boutique on its right.

My friend Sarah first took me to Trouble- this very quaint
local coffee shop in Outer Sunset on Judah. Oh my 
goodness, personally I loved it so much that I had to take
these two boys here. As you can tell in the picture above, the
two dorks enjoyed it as well. When you walk in, there are
no menus- but instead rustic wood/iron decor, the smell of
coffee and brown sugar, and a row of coconuts lined up in the 
glass display of their registry counter. You can either order by 
just asking them or look up it on yelp. They are known for 
there toast and serving coconut milk straight up from the
coconut! ( p.s.- You can never go wrong with their toast (; )

mouthful. But a mouthful of wonderfulness. The lavender is 
tranquilly subtle-not overwhelming at all. The toast is toasted 
with (more like drenched) butter and layered with brown sugar 
and cinnamon. I am not exaggerating, but the bread melts in
your mouth! Even more amazing is dipping the toast into your
steaming caffeinated drink. I am going back for the Lavender
and Honey Toast.

{TROUBLE VOCAB: Girlfriend (n.)
Definition- adding honey and milk to your drink order}

BRADLEY'S (in the back) THOUGHTS:
Me: What did you order?
Bradley: "I got a Mocha." 
Me: Thoughts on coffee/shop?
Bradley: "It was good coffee, but the store itself was pretty small,
so it's just a 'take you coffee to go' kind of place."

//Overall Rated: 8/10//

Me: What did you order?
Daniel: "At Trouble I got an Americano"
Me: Thoughts on coffee/shop?
Daniel: "It [coffee] was excellent! I like troubles aesthetic. The
solid wood bar was definitely very cool. Only down side is its size
and the slight air of  pretention."

//Overall Rated: 7/10//


Necklace- Forever 21 ($3)
Black Top- Cotton On ($3)
Belt- Mom's closet

Mom Jeans- Thrifted, Goodwill ($6)

Yes, yes- I'm repping and loving the 90's Mom-Jean trend. It's one of those trends that people will love or plainly hate it. But hey, I love the 90's-from manswear's loud retro-windbreakers, high-waisted everything, to my shows (Friends, Full House, and Boy Meets World).

If you want to see how I style mom jeans-leave a comment below, tweet, or message me!

Ring- Thrifted, Goodwill ($6)
Bracelets- Gifts
Nail Polish- Sally Hansen's 270 Lacey Lilac

Heels- Kohl's ($45)

Balancing out the cuffed mom-jeans for a more leg lengthening effect
with my black laced-up heels I wore at Fashion Week's Blogger Connect
These babies have been  so helpful in my college wardrobe to dress up or
down an outfit.

PC: Fashion Blogger-Leonora-Grace (Lynn) Hyunh

Not so Plain Jane | Oct. 13th, 2014

Our second coffee adventure was a coffee house Bradley
recommended called Jane on Fillmore in Pacific Heights. Can I first just say Fillmore Street is so cute and full of character! I loved all the diverse range shops, colorful town houses, and the fact they have a coffee shop on every block.

However out of all the shops, we decided on the lovely Jane for noon coffee time. Entering in this lively cafe abode-you can feel the everyone's energy bouncing of each other and reflecting off of their signature graffiti mirror. What is awesome is that not only does Jane serve coffee/tea-but they also serve home made baked goods/bread, sandwiches, salads, and soups.

 I really was indecisive on what to order-debating on either their Organic Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea or their Latte. I really wanted to get a hot drink but sadly it was very warm at that time of day, so I decided (like Bradley) to just order an Iced Latte.

The Latte was fairly good, but I believe it had a bit much of milk. However, I can't judge the entire coffee menu on an Iced Latte-so for me this is a shop I look forward in exploring even more. I really want to go back at try their salads, green smoothing, and hot cappuccino- because the do coffee art as well!

ADDRESS: 2123 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115
SERVICE: 9/10- Very friendly and nice customer service.
STAR ITEM: People watching in their balcony/experience
ENVIRONMENT: Decor-Mixture of Modern, Eclectic, and Industrial

Great place to have brunch! Pretty social environment, however there are people that you see reading books or on their laptops. If you would like a more quiet, secluded area (or if you like to people watch) I recommend heading on up to the balcony. Warning it is kind of stuffy up their, however it's doable. 
PLUSES- If you love books, their is this cute local bookstore on the same block! Huge range of old and new books-you can tell not by the looks of them but the aroma in the store. Is it just me being weird... or do you guys love the smell of book?! I don't know what it is, but something is so nostalgic for me. I discovered so many interesting books I want to start reading their. Check it out!
 There is also a Rag&Bone across the street ( I got so excited when I saw it!). So many things to do and places to eat on that street.

//Overall Rating: 7.5/10// 
(Hopefully my personal rating will rise when I try more items on the menu)

Me: What did you order?
Bradley: "I got an iced latte." 
Me: Thoughts on coffee/shop?
Bradley: "I thought Jane was a pretty rad place to get coffee. It had a lot of small tables for seating, making everything feel more personal and the people that worked there were really nice so it's just a 'take you coffee to go' kind of place."

//Overall Rated: 9/10//

(hehe derpy derp derp...don't kill me Danny :P)

Me: What did you order?
Daniel: "Jane's I ordered house coffee."
Me: Thoughts on coffee/shop?
Daniel: "Flavorful balanced blend with low acidity. What
you expect out of a house coffee really. The employees were really nice and helpful and the shop had style."

//Overall Rated: 8.5/10//


Skater Dress- H&M ($12)
Thigh Highs- Daiso ($3)

Today's weather has been so bipolar in San Francisco. You would expect the stereotypical cold, misty SF fog and breeze for fall, but like I said above at noon it was pretty hot and sunny, and in the later afternoon it was overcast and cold. So I layered over my comfy skater dress with a loose knit cardigan that was light in weight, yet very warm. I also paired today's OOTD with my thigh highs for more warmth. For my accessories continued with gold tones from top to bottom to  give a sense of that fall warm colors.

Chain- Charlotte Russe ($2)
Cardigan-Target ($15)
Bag-Gift (H&M)

PC: Cinema Major, Photographer- Tristan Ngyuen

More Caffeine to Go Around- #thevlocitywca

Any shops/coffees that stood out to you? Craving that caffeine?...Especially as a college/high school student-that's what are blood is made out of. Next week I believe I am showing the boys a coffee shop, Lynn and I went to last week called Red Door Coffee in the Financial District next to our internship! 

Yes! You heard me right, a little update-I got an internship with a TBA incoming fashion-photo app. Can't tell you everything yet, but let's just say around December all the fashionistas will be waiting to download this baby. ;)

Feel free to comment and share what's your favorite coffee shop in SF, or even anywhere around the world? And/or tell everyone your favorite coffee/tea below.

If you know any good coffee shops that you want us to review, or we should go try comment, email, FB, Instagram, or Tweet me with the #thevlocitywca

See you soon my coffee and fashion lovers-

Victoria Lo

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